Height: 5'7"

Weight:  150

Hair: Brown

 Eyes: Brown

 Shirt: Med

Neck: 15

                          Pt: 32 by 29

 Shoe: 7 1/2

Hat: 7 1/2


ROLLING THUNDER     Supporting     The Boss          Henry Crum-Roger Corman

MR. CLEAVER                Lead               Mr. Cleaver     Nik Wendelsdorf Prod.

SHADOWLANDS            Featured         Tokem             Gamma Films LLC

COST OF SUNRISE         Featured         Angus              Zeke Pinheiro Productions

SHATTERED DREAMS   co-star           Victor              Challenge Productions

DANCING ON COALS     co-star           Bob                  Diamond One Productions

GROUND RULES             co-star           Bones               Bottom Line Studios

ROUGHCUT                      co-star           Blade               Diamond One Productions

PAROLE VIOLATORS     Featured        Store Robber   Bottom Line Studios

THE ELITE                        Featured        Terrorist           PM Entertainment

KILL SQUAD                    Featured        Shop owner      Donahue Productions

THE STAND IN                Featured         Hitman             Bob Zagoni Productions


THE MAKAYA                 Lead              Mr.Walker        Bill Bacigalupi Productions

TWINS                               co-star           Dog Handler     Fahrner Entertainment

THE CITY                          co-star           Homeless Man Armen Dilanchian Productions 

MIDRASH                          co-star           Hunter               JWalk Films/Jesee Walker

THE PEDESTRIAN           co-star           Bar Drunk        Picture Craft Entertainment

CHAINED                          co-star           Guard                Donahue Productions



THE MARKETING PLACE        Lead     Homeless       Macrae Ad Agency/New West Pic 

THE MARKETING PLACE        Lead     Home Buyer  Macrae Ad Agency/New West Pic 




PLASTIC METAL                      Featured        Pimp               Armen Dilanchian Productions  

TANGO                                       Lead              Sugerdaddy     Kat Eiswald Productions                                                                                                                                              


SF COMEDY COLLEGE               Kurtis Matthews

STAGE ONE ACTING                   Dennis Sakamoto

TVI ACTORS STUDIO                  Richard DeLancy

ACTING FOR DIRECTORS          Judith Weston's

ACTING WORKSHOP                   Ed Hooks

DRAMA CLASS                             West Valley College

U.S. MARINE CORP.                      Four Years, 1 month, 3 days

SPECIAL SKILLS:                        STUNTS:

Car Chases, Martial Arts & Street Fights, High Falls, Shoot outs, Stunt Coordinator.

(Has own air bag for high falls)

Patrick as Mr. Cleaver in the feature film, “MR CLEAVER”

 Patrick for the role of “Mr Cleaver”

Patrick as "Bones" feature film,


Sold  in all foreign and domestic markets.

Pimp in the Music Video

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